Our Team


Bajun mavalwalla

Bajun Mavalwalla, the Founder of Nebula Group USA, LLC, has over 25 years of international experience, and special insight into the developing world. Bajun is a retired military intelligence officer who served at the US Embassy in Iraq as the Liaison Officer to the Political Section, and in Afghanistan with a Special Forces intel team in 2002-2003 and as a Police Advisor in 2012-2013. He studied International Service and Development in The Kingdom of Nepal, and has traveled and worked extensively around the world. 
Languages: English, Russian, basic Nepali
US (415) 716-6432, Denmark +45 51 25 51 50


dr. michael saba

Dr. Michael Saba is the Nebula Group representative for the Dakota Territories. The former manager of Middle East Public Affairs for Mobil Oil Corporation, Saba has been working internationally since the 1960’s. He is past president of the Central Illinois Exporters’ Association, and president of the Attiyeh Foundation, a not-for-profit Foundation promoting U.S.-Arab Relations. Dr. Saba was also the first executive director of the National Association of Arab Americans, and was elected to the South Dakota state legislature in November of 2018.
Languages: English, Arabic, Spanish
US (901) 212-9746


Dr. Yousif M A Yousif Al-eshaiker

Dr. Yousif M A Yousif Al – Eshaiker is the leader of Iraq’s Liberal Party, businessman, author, and Nebula Group’s UK, Jordan and Iraq representative. He’s a DrPH in Public Health from Brunel University, London, UK. His BSc is in Biomedical Analysis and MSc, Hematology from Amman, Jordan. He divides his time between London, Amman and Baghdad and focuses on developing Iraq's future global economic opportunities. 
Languages: Arabic, English Urdu
UK/Jordan +962 7 9569 0090

Johnni Winther.jpg

Johnni winther

Johnni Winther is Nebula Group’s Scandinavian and Nordic Countries representative, and owner of Nebula Group Denmark. He has deployed all over the world, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Royal Danish Air Force. He’s also the Nebula Group expert on the C130-J Super Hercules, with certifications in hydraulics, turbines, propulsion, temperature and pressure measurements, electrics, data link, sheet metal, structural and propeller repair.  He also has a degree in marine and technical management and operation from Aarhus Maskinmesterskole. 
Languages: Danish, English, German
Denmark +45 21 22 23 31

Bob Quail_thmb.jpg

John Jason Carden

John Jason Carden is Nebula Group USA’s online solicitation coordinator and customer liaison. Jason brings federal and state contract opportunities to our customers, and helps them monitor tenders as well as complete competitive bids. He’s an international business manager and career NCO who has completed multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Languages: English
US (205) 445-3680


Bob Quail

Bob Quail is Nebula Group’s Ohio representative. He is a veteran of the US Marine Corps, world traveler, and has a Masters Degree in Marketing from Southern Illinois University and is the Nebula Group expert on sales and marketing. Bob has decades of experience with promoting new and innovative companies and networking expertise.
Languages: English
US (440) 339-6641

Khursheed Kahn_thumb.jpg

khursheed khan

Khursheed Khan represents Michigan as well as South Asia for Nebula Group. He holds a degree in Marketing, and has extensive import and export experience through his company, SIGMASIA, where he’s worked in sales, marketing, and import/export with food stuffs, textiles, industrial and commercial products. He’s also a partner with K G Systems which specializes in hydrogen fuel cells.
Languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi
US (734) 276-9868

Sharon Leigh Walker_thumb.jpg

sharon "leigh" Walker

Sharon “Leigh” Walker is Nebula Group’s Southern US representative. A graduate from the University of Alabama Birmingham, she joined the Alabama Army National Guard earning her Commission through the Alabama Military Academy. An Afghanistan War veteran and Military Intelligence officer, Leigh has returned to AMA where she trains future officers, runs operations, and prepares soldiers for deployment. She is also an athlete and played collegiate softball at UAB. 
Languages: English, basic Pashto
US (205) 919-0904

Russell Hanks.jpg

Russell Hanks

Russell Hanks is a retired Foreign Service Officer from United States Department of State with over 25 years of global experience resolving conflict, creating consensus, and motivating team members to implement targeted solutions to complex problems. Skilled at analyzing the root causes of confrontation, conceptualizing solutions, and building coalitions necessary to achieve results, he’s an innovative leader with expertise in Nigeria and Western Africa, the Middle East, with State Department postings that include Ponta Delgada, Georgetown, Praia, Abuja, Tunis, Baghdad, Riyadh, Dakar, and Bissau.
Languages: English, Arabic and Portuguese
US (918) 760-6467

Jan Hardin_thmb.jpg

Janice hardin

Janice (Jan) Hardin is Nebula Group’s Administrator, Financial Manager and website information and billing point of contact. She brings many years experience in Administrative and Financial skills to Nebula Group USA as well as expertise in graphic design, website design and maintenance and computer maintenance and repair.
US (661) 578-2602


J. Reid Denton

Reid Denton has over 25 years of consulting, analysis, management, and considerable experience in operations. Reid is a published expert analyst with experience at a variety of government agencies supporting strategic, operation and tactical aspects of policy. Reid comes to the team with over 25 years of Army service and has deployed to South America, Iraq, and Afghanistan serving in Joint Multinational environments in Echelons Above Corps and on Special Operations Task Forces. He studied for degrees in Business and Analysis and has continuously performed well both domestically and abroad. He can often be found teaching others, or developing rapid prototyping and manufacturing systems for start ups.

Languages: English, Basic French, Basic Spanish


US (443) 955-8238


Ben Papale

Ben Papale joined the United States Marine Corps in 2002, then the United States Army. He currently serves in the Illinois Army National Guard as a Battalion Fire Support NCO for the 33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team. He has completed multiple deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea where he has served echelon up to the Corps level. Through the years, he has been a USMC Artillery Liaison to 1st ROK Marine Division, Operations NCOIC for US Forces in Western Afghanistan, Combat Advisor, and Joint Fires Observer. Ben is Nebua Group’s Marine Corps liaison and Midwest representative.


US (312) 810-4937