Nebula Group USA represents products across three vital categories.  Click below to explore.

Personal, Physical, and Maritime Security & Training


Personal Protective services

Personal Protective Services offers a full spectrum of security services from simple security measures to complex protection strategies. Headquartered in the San Francisco, this private security company has expertise in a broad spectrum of personal, physical, and even maritime security.

In addition to their security teams, PPS offers security systems, investigation, training, and consulting.

mobile training teams

PPS offers a broad array of courses as well as customized curricula tailored to meet the needs of their clients. They provide annual staff training for personnel working with the Dept. of Homeland Security, Dept. of Defense, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marshals Service, and the California Board of Protection.

Together with Nebula Group, we offer specialized training for special operations, military intelligence, and policing, especially for overseas missions. Foreign language training, cultural awareness, electronic warfare, running sources, as well as military and police intelligence are some examples.

Mobile Training Teams are another service that Nebula Group and PPS offer both independently and jointly across the spectrum.

Defensive Equipment


Around the world, police, military and first responders are on the front lines during civil unrest, terrorist attacks, and even outright assassinations. At RhinoPlate we are dedicated to protecting those who protect the rest of us. 



Gladiator Solutions

Gladiator was developed by law enforcement and military personnel with one simple idea… to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort at an affordable price. We believe that those who risk their lives to preserve our way of life, should not have to spend a fortune to protect themselves.

Gladiator is a lead innovator in the advanced tactical Protective Products industry. Our team combines business, technical, and operational expertise across Military and Independent Security personnel to ensure we strive for and deliver the highest quality products for practical application.

Our overarching focus is to continuously develop innovative products that provide the highest level of quality, comfort and safety, supported by impeccable customer service.


Legacy Aerospace & Defense

Sensible, affordable solutions.  Legacy Aerospace & Defense offers spares, repair and overhaul, and maintenance solutions.

Legacy stocks many items but also maintains global relationships allowing them access to inventory worldwide, meeting your needs more effectively. Their designed repair plans utilize your inventory to the full value and extend the life usage of your spares pool. Legacy creates customized maintenance plans for operators regardless of their fleet size. Legacy works with Nebula Group on C-130s, and also has a variety of other military and civilian aircraft and products.

CH53 FOT.jpg

field operational trainers

Nebula Group USA creates fully functioning FOTs for Jumpmaster, Loadmaster, and MEDEVAC trainers. The aft door and ramp, cables, lights are all fully functional. We also buy and sell civilian and military C-130 Hercules and L-100s world wide. Fliers or retired, we specialize in maximizing the value of your aircraft. 

Nebula works with units to create the training tools they require for mission success.

Military, police and private security companies need realistic training. Our team has airframes on hand, help you acquire airframes or other equipment, or can help you modernize existing training facilities. We’ve worked on a variety of aircraft for Special Operations units and with training facilities to create customized tools for soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines to train as they fight.

Fire & Rescue

Fire Flow.png

Hurco Technologies

Hurco Technologies, Inc. manufactures various products for maintaining and repairing water and sewer systems. Fire hydrant testing equipment, and valve exercisers, are among the the inventions of company founder Lynn Hurley who is still inventing new tools or for doing jobs better and more safely. Innovative tools such as pipe re-rounders, ventilators, pipeline gages, smokers for leak detection as well as their signature valve exercisers, are among the twenty one patents Lynn has been awarded so far. Got a problem? Hurco will find the solution.


Rosenbauer America

Nebula Group is very proud to have teamed up with Rosenbauer America to offer our Middle East and African customers. The Simulation in Motion-South Dakota or SIM-SD are the state of the art for mobile medical offices and even operating rooms. Originally designed for the growing telemedicine industry as trainers, these 44-foot (13.4 meter) mobile learning units come fully-equipped along with two, smaller outreach models.

These are rugged vehicles that are custom made for customers and can be modified for military or civilian use as mobile command units or individual field clinics.