Around the Corner or Across the Globe

Nebula Group USA is a Defense, Training, and Security Company.  We work with public and private sector to ensure the success of both our customers and clients to ensure the safety and security of those who protect us all. We have a world-wide network of subject matter experts who promote projects and products and work with customers to find creative solutions to complex problem sets.

About Us

Nebula Group USA provides professional services to an international clientele specializing in extending the reach of small to mid-sized companies who do not have the organic resources to penetrate overseas markets.

We’re a catalyst company that integrates development and the goals of the public and private sectors with expertise in both civilian and military projects and products and find creative solutions to complex problem sets.

Nebula Group’s global team specializes in working with your company to find the way ahead by integrating with your business and marketing plans.

Our focus is in creating the personal relationships needed to form enduring bonds with interlocutors. Nebula’s human approach separates your company from the relentless tide of spammers, junk mailers, and single-skill agents who dominate the defense and security industry.

Nebula only represents companies with unique and premium quality goods and services. Our team is made up of subject-matter experts and we will work directly with your team to optimize the best way to connect you and your company to the world.