On October 1, 2018, the Deputy Secretary of Defense sent out a Comprehensive Strategy and Action Plan for Warfighter Brain Health across the force.  This memorandum was based upon Congressional Mandates H.R. 2810 Sec. 734 to measure and mitigate the effects of blast wave overpressure on US troops. From this directive, the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences formed the NeuroTactical Research Team and the

COmbat and traiNing QUeryable exposure/Event Repository (CONQUER).

Nebula Group is the Reserve Component Operations Lead for the CONQUER PROGRAM.  We are working with the over 800,000 men and women in all Guard and reserve branches to measure exposure to blast when training on heavy weapons, whether that training is standard or part of deployment preparedness. Nebula Group is honored to be part of this effort.  We are traveling across the country and overseas to assist units in meeting these standards. Nebula provides each unit with their actual CONQUER data to ensure your soldiers have an accurate record of blast wave exposure.  

If your unit is going to be on the range firing weapons from .50 caliber or above, shoulder-fired anti-tank weapons, mortars, artillery, grenades or any other blast related training - contact us today! We will provide you with the information you need and meet with your commanders and key leadership to schedule implementation. The program has NO COST to units and is not a training detractor. OUR personnel come out to the range, gauge your team, collect the data, and provide you with feedback for your records. In return, your unit has the information needed to stay mission ready now and to keep our service men and women healthy for the duration of their careers.